Painting "fire up furniture in Japan
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Are you still scouring a new lamp design ecstatic it? Are you still think the Tyrant paragraph rosewood chair priceless it? In Japan, which has been passed, a surge of their own hands, "painting" furniture trend is on the rise, was considered not only interesting, but also a unique and very green, is "to serve multiple purposes." "Global Times" reporter in Japan visited a special "furniture drawing room" (pictured), check it out.

Di Tian home in Shikoku region of Japan Mitutoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, the reporter went to interview family Tian Di, a door to see the entrance next to the room filled with colorful paint, brushes and a variety of large and small, exquisite paintings.

Miss so beautiful to see the reporters immediately put down the work at hand, pointing to the table of the room smiled and said, "You see this ring Phnom Penh that I gave insert up, I inserts circle Ruby." Table the flowers in full bloom by the group are also so beautiful lady sketched out a sum, she liked the European style of painting, often combining elements of Japan, their own design. This table when bought is pure wood color, without any modification, specifically for the "artist" creative use. What a beautiful young lady home furniture, bookcases, lamps and even trash are their own "draw" out, and now she has to create space to expand from indoors to outdoors, going to give the yard a small garden "draw" a bench.

In Japan, the labor cost is very expensive, such as a price of 5,000 yen (100 yen about 5 yuan) of solid wooden chairs, hand-drawn beautifully patterned after at least 20,000 yen may be sold, the price has quadrupled ʱ?? Later, furniture manufacturers introduced this "furniture painting", the customer can either follow the included reference design DIY, can be freely creative, popular.

Miss student Michikos beautiful, "Global Times" reporter that began "painting" furniture because we wanted to give a good friend a special gift, her first work is a small storage cabinet. To be completed in time for the birthday of a friend, she was a week to "painting lesson" three times, each draw four or five hours, I drew three months to complete. First of all to their own designs, and then hit the furniture dark draft, after repeated changes began to design color, color, color, and finally dried.

More and more young people began to join the "painting" army furniture, furniture design are also increasingly abundant. Compared to draw fine European style design works, cartoons and cartoon characters are more popular among young people, usually can be completed in less than a week. Miss Michiko said, "painting it takes more time than expected, energy, the key is to carefully!" She said with a smile, "the process is very hard, but very rewarding after completion, this money can not be measured! Works just like their own children, are reluctant to given away may end. "