Tableware disinfection: Even simple wash disinfection, ye can pass all the way?
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Another display a television movie, Xiao Wu Jiabao nearby street there is a disinfecting dishwashing Tuncun workshops, internal sewers, tableware disinfection after a simple cleaning, it was the workers packs together.

Workshop owner said, where one day they process more than 10,000 sets of tableware are sold in the city catering enterprises. Second Ring Road neighborhood at the same time also has a sterilization cleaning workshops, they can process 20,000 packages a day with a wholesale price of about 6 cents. It hung in the business sector business license issued by the office within two workshops.

>> Food and Drug Administration said the department responded return tube guard Planning Commission, said the health sector is responsible for sampling

Municipal Food and Drug Administration director Jin Lei said, major food and drug supervision departments are on the table after sterilization, disinfection process before normalization health sector supervision. Subsequently City Planning Commission staff said Wei, Wei Planning Commission main responsibility is to issue licenses for industrial and commercial administrative department catering hygiene supervision and sampling disinfection units. The city Planning Commission will guard all year 72 there is evidence of tableware disinfection unit sampling time. From the previous sampling, the exposure of tableware disinfection unit is qualified. But according to the movie in the exposed "live pungent flavor" is undue. For unlicensed black workshop, Wei Planning Commission to be handed over to the business administration department. SOCIETY FOR deputy director of the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau said that for undocumented black workshop, the business sector will be based on reports from the public and self-regulatory inspections, checks, as much as possible to identify problems, and co-regulatory authorities.

9 pm, Jinan City Health Planning Commission staff immediately Movie exposure dining disinfection unit for inspection, issued a health inspection, and will have its follow-up examinations.